AURY is the flagship manufacturing organization of DADI Engineering and Development Group. With over 400 sets of large-scale vibrating screen being shipped to the customer every year, AURY has become a major vibrating screen provider to the mining industry in the world. We offer a full line of vibrating screens including linear, banana, circular motion, high frequency, flip flow screens, etc.

Why AURY screens?

  • Strong R&D and engineering capabilities. Our engineering team is made of professionals with rich experiences in the mining vibrating equipment field.  For each new application, we always perform FEA analysis in the screen design process to make sure the product structure is optimized.  The screens are also engineered to fit customer’s existing plant layout.

  • State of the art facilities. Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped for us to conduct the entire process in-house: steel cutting & preparation, fabrication, welding, surface preparation, precision machining, assembly, testing, etc.

  • ISO9001 certified manufacturing process and QC control procedures followed. Every AURY screen has to go through a rigorous testing process before shipment.

  • After sales support network in the areas we cover.

The AURY screens are built to last. That’s why today there are thousands of them running in the field from coal to hard rock mines, from aggregate to industrial mineral screening.  For more information, please visit AURY’s website at

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