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DADI has done work in all major mining areas around the world. The gallery below shows select DADI projects of different natures including but not limited to feasibility study, conceptual design, FEED (front end engineering design), equipment and material supply, etc. Please contact us if DADI can be of assistance to you or if you need any further information. 


Daliuta CHPP.PNG

Capacity: 34.0 Mt/a

Daliuta CHPP

Bu’etai CHPP.PNG

Capacity: 31.0 Mt/a

Bu’etai CHPP


Xiegou CHPP

Capacity: 30.0 Mt/a

Hongliu CHPP.PNG

Capacity: 16.0 Mt/a

Hongliu CHPP

Halagou CHPP.PNG

Capacity: 14.0 Mt/a

Halagou CHPP

Hamiyikuang CHPP.PNG

Hamiyikuang CHPP

Capacity: 12.0 Mt/a

Huangyuchuan CHPP.png

Capacity: 10.0 Mt/a

Huangyuchuan CHPP

Shilawushu CHPP.PNG

Capacity: 10.0 Mt/a

Shilawushu CHPP

Selianerkuang CHPP.png

Selianerkuang CHPP

Capacity: 10.0 Mt/a

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