TCS: A New Generation of Coarse Fines Separators

Our coarse fine separator (TCS) is the latest innovative separator for the beneficiation of coarse coal slimes in the 2-0.15 mm size range. In the TCS separator, slurry enters the feed well first & goes downward inside the separation chamber where a fluidized bed is formed when the slurry meets an upward water current. When the system reaches a steady state, particles with higher densities than that of the fluidized bed percolate through the bed and report to the reject stream while lighter particles report to the effluent stream becoming the clean product. As the heavier particles settle toward the bottom of the separation chamber, they are agitated by a mechanical device to further free those entrained lighter particles in the downward materials, creating a secondary separation and improving the product recovery.

The working principles of the TCS might remind you the teeter-bed-separator (TBS). Indeed, these two types of coarse fine separators share some common features. The key difference between the two is the TCS’s proprietary control system that makes it a smart device:  in the TCS, the real-time effective bed density is accurately measured and maintained via probes installed inside the separation chamber, and the advanced control system makes CONTINUOUS tailing discharge possible (shown below), as opposed of the intermittent tailing discharge through a valve typically used on the TBS separator.

Key features:

  • Low Ep ≤0.09 (for 1-0.25 mm feed)

  • Wide separation density range, from 1.4 to 1.8 g/cm3 with tolerance of±0.001 g/cm3

  • High throughput

  • Free of tailing blockage with an active tailing discharge mechanism

  • Smart separation density control system enables unattended operation 

  • Stable performance for changing feed properties

  • Improved clean coal recovery

Sample performance data from a commercial application:

Note: feed ash 18.87%, feed size range 2-0.2mm

Available models:

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