Being one of the top EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) firms serving the coal mining and processing industries, DADI has extensive experiences in handling large scale projects in mine design and development, processing facility engineering & implementation, etc.  Since 2007, the company has been constantly ranked No. 1 EPC firm in the coal engineering field in China.

Below is a list of select EPC projects:

  • Inner Mongolia Gaotouyao CHPP Project (10.0MTPA)

  • Shilawusu CHPP Project (10.0Mt /a)

  • Selian No. 2 CHPP Project (10.0MTPA)

  • Longde CHPP Project (8.0MTPA)

  • Fengjiata CHPP Plant Project (10.0MTPA)

  • Yangquan No. 1 CHPP Project (34.00MTPA)

  • Changping CHPP Project (6.0MTPA)

  • Great Wall No. 3 Shazhangtu CHPP Project (5.0MTPA)

  • Tarangaule CHPP Project (10.0MTPA)

  • Huangyuchuan CHPP project (15.0 MTPA)

  • Shanxi Jinxing Xiegou CHPP (30.0MTPA)

  • Yanlin Mine Yulin 1 MTPA Coal Indirect Liquefaction project


Many of our projects were given prestigious awards such as the "Coal Industry Quality Engineering Award", "Sun Cup Award”, National Chemical Industry Quality Engineering Award, etc. Over the years, the DADI brand has been behind some of the most iconic coal handling projects in China & beyond, from mines in remote desert areas to ones under challenging environmental conditions, from mining to coal processing, blending and coal to chemicals.  At DADI, we are always proud of reputation of getting the job done safely, on time and on budget. At the end of the days, we always remember that making our customers happy and helping them create value is our mission.

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