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DSA: An Innovative Online Tool for Flotation Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Ash content is an important indicator of flotation product quality and performance. Knowing the ash content of  in a timely manner can greatly help plant operators adjust circuit operating parameters and achieve an optimal flotation performance. However, conventional flotation ash content measurement takes a rather long cycle and considerable human resources. DADI's proprietary online slurry ash analyzer, the DSA, enables coal preparation plant operators to accurately measure the ash content of the flotation concentrate and facilitates quick and remote monitoring of the flotation circuit performance.

The DSA analyzer utilizes X-ray fluorescence technology along with DADI's robust computational models to measure the ash content of flotation concentrate at a high accuracy and in a timely manner. The DSA automatically samples the flotation concentrate from the flotation column or cell, and then the sampled slurry is thickened and analyzed within the highly integrated "box". Operation of the DSA analyzer can be done via the on-device touch screen and/or remotely from the control center or even mobile devices.

Ash Analyzers 1.png

Key features:

  • Fast slurry ash measurement (10-30 min)

  • High accuracy

  • Highly automated system & low maintenance

  • On-site touch screen & easy integration into an existing control system

Guaranteed performance:

Analyzing time (min)
Measurement deviation (2σ)

Comparison study results:

Ash Analyzers 2.png

Use the DSA as an eye for a smart flotation control system:

With the help of the DSA analyzer, one can easily assess the performance of the flotation circuit and to optimize the operation settings accordingly to maximize the separation efficiency. DADI also offers a smart flotation control system for automating your floatation circuit by automatically adjusting operating parameters, such as reagents dosages based on the measurement from the DSA. With the smart flotation system, a maximized product recovery is expected, while the required product specifications are also ensured. 

Ash Analyzers.png
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