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Ventilation is an integral part of every underground mining operation. The ventilation exhaust air still has relatively high energy content which often goes unused into the atmosphere. DADI offers a unique waste heat recovery technology that allows the energy in the ventilation return air from to be efficiently harnessed.

Here is how the waste heat recovery technology works: return air first goes through heat exchangers to bring up the temperature, then it’s transferred to heat pumps which generates hot air that can be used at the mine, for example, for mine shaft heating, building heating, etc. Please note that the heat source does not have to be an underground mine, it can be any industrial operations that generates waste heat, for example, the exhaust gas of steam turbines at power plants.

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The basic principle is simple. And obviously waste heat recovery comes with a capital cost for the design and manufacture of the system and the various solutions on the market need to be assessed in terms of their track record in meeting the specific needs of each application. In light of this, DADI is one of the few providers who have a proven record of applying the technology at commercial level. A lot of commercial installations have been done by DADI in the recent years. These projects not only help lower customers’ energy bills, they also significantly contribute to lowering the mining operation’s emission level, something that’s increasingly scrutinized these days. For more information on the waste heat recovery solutions, please visit

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