As the flagship manufacturing organization of DADI Engineering and Development Group, AURY is also a leading provider of dewatering centrifuges for coal and mineral processing applications. The WSL and ML series horizontal centrifuges made by AURY, for coarse and fine coal particles dewatering, respectively are designed by applying finite element analysis and our extensive knowledge in building vibrating equipment. The AURY centrifuges feature excellent dewatering performance, ease of operation and maintenance, and low power consumption.

The AURY WSL horizontal vibrating centrifuges, available in 1100 mm, 1200 mm, 1300mm, 1400mm and 1500 mm (sizes based on the major ID size of the screen basket), are suitable for -50 mm coarse coal dewatering. Specifications of the WSL centrifuges are as follows:

Feed Material Particle Size (mm): 0-50, Typical Product Moisture Content (%): 6-9

The ML series horizontal screen scroll centrifuges are designed for 0.15 – 3 mm coal particles dewatering. An ML screen scroll centrifuge has a conical wedge wire screen basket mounted horizontally inside the housing.  The feed slurry is introduced to the rearward portion of the scroll, accelerated & filtered due to the centrifugal force to make solids & liquid separation happen. The solids travel along the cone toward the large end by a scroll with helical blades/scrapers that spins at a slightly different rotating speed & discharged while the liquid product is collected separately. The ML screen scroll centrifuges, available in 900 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm (basket large end ID), feature superior wear life, ease of maintenance and high dewatering efficiency. Specifications of the ML screen scroll centrifuges is as follows:

Basket Aperture (mm): 0.2-0.5, Oil Pump Motor (kw): 0.75

Please note the actual processing capacity depending on feed slurry characteristics & operating conditions.

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