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DADI Australia to Assemble Large Mining Trucks

Sydney, Australia -13 October, 2020 - DADI (Australia) Engineering Company is pleased to announce that the Company has signed an agreement with North Hauler Joint Stock Co. Ltd (NHL) for the assembly of NTE360 off-highway haul trucks in Australia.

The NTE360 is a series of electric powertrain haul trucks engineered for heavy duty mining applications. The truck, with a gross horsepower of 3,650 hp, has a payload of 330 metric tons and is the largest electric powertrain vehicle produced by NHL.

Under this agreement, NHL will be providing parts and technical support and DADI Australia, along with its wholly owned subsidiary Aury Australia, will be responsible for assembling the trucks.

“The DADI team in Australia has extensive experiences in the manufacturing, assembling and servicing heavy duty equipment used in the mining industry. Conveniently located in the Hunter Valley, we can deliver the finished trucks to the end user in a cost-effective way,” said Aaron Yuan, Managing Director of DADI Australia. “I am confident that this is going to be a win-win-win situation for NHL, DADI and the end user.”

About DADI Engineering

DADI Engineering is a leading vertically integrated EPCM firm serving the mining and mineral processing industries. DADI’s business includes mine survey & development, coal processing EPCM projects, equipment manufacturing, green mining solutions, mine waste heat recovery & smart mining and mineral processing technologies. DADI has operations in Australia, China, Africa and the United States, and we work with some of the largest mining companies in the world such as Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Shenhua Energy, Peabody Energy, Vale, Yancoal, etc. For more information about DADI, please visit

About NHL

North Hauler Joint Stock Co., Ltd (NHL) is a leading mining truck manufacturer based in Inner Mongolia, China. Founded in 1988, NHL is a joint venture between TEREX and NHIC and the company has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2000.


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