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AURY is the flagship manufacturing organization of DADI Engineering and Development Group. With over 400 sets of large-scale vibrating screens being shipped to customers every year, AURY has become a major provider of vibrating screen to the mining industry in the world. We offer a full line of vibrating screens including linear, banana, circular motion, high frequency, flip flow screens, etc. One thing that differentiates us from a conventional equipment manufacturer is DADI as an engineering company also has strong knowledge in material processing.  DADI's engineers always work with our customers to make sure we are putting the right equipment in the right application. 


  • Strong R&D and engineering capabilities. Our engineering team is made of professionals with rich experiences in the mining vibrating equipment field.  For each new application, we always perform FEA analysis in the screen design process to make sure the product structure is optimized.  The screens are also engineered to fit customer’s existing plant layout.

  • State of the art facilities. Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped for us to conduct the entire process in-house: steel cutting & preparation, fabrication, welding, surface preparation, precision machining, assembly, testing, etc.​

  • ISO9001 certified manufacturing process and QC control procedures followed. Every AURY screen has to go through a rigorous testing process before shipment.

  • After sales support network in the areas we cover.

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Features of the AURY Screen

  • AURY screens are manufactured in-house in our own ISO9000 quality certified manufacturing facilities.

  • The entire manufacturing process is quality managed, and all components are tested throughout manufacturing process to ensure that final components meet AURY’s quality standards.

  • AURY screens have been designed to be exceptionally structurally sound, and extensively tested and tuned to eliminate stress induced cracking.

  • Side plates are weldless and assembled using Huck bolts to ensure minimal stress on the structure.

  • Exciter beams are box beam construction designed using FEA software and design tested using strain gauges to ensure trouble free operation over many years.

  • Exciter beams are constructed using automated “Submerged Arc” welding technology, and all welds are “Full Penetration”.

  • Exciter beams are bolted using high tensile bolts and locking nuts.

  • Heavy duty bearings by internationally recognized brands are used on the exciter for extended service life.

  • Exciter castings are machined and inspected in house on high precision CNC machining centres. Almost all other exciter components are manufactured and machined in house to exacting standards.

  • All exciters are test run for 24 hours while bearing temperatures are constantly monitored to ensure reliable long operational life.

  • All fabricated steelwork is constructed from high grade and quality certified steel materials.

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  • AURY screen cross beams feature innovative and proven designs, consisting of tubular steel beams with full penetration welded flanges. Deck support fixing is via a cast steel saddle, which is machined and then Huck bolted to precisely and solidly mate to the cross beam.

  • All exciter and cross beams are heat treated to eliminate stresses induced by welding.

  • Assembled cross beams are abrasively blasted to SA class 2.5 and then sprayed with two coats (6 mm total thickness) of high-quality polyurethane to provide both corrosion and abrasion resistance for the life of the cross beam.

  • All cross beams and exciter beams are machined to the precise length to ensure a solid and rugged final screen assembly.

  • All screen stiffeners and bracing are primed before fitting and sealed using polyurethane sealer to provide high quality corrosion protection.

  • All screen fabricated components are abrasively blasted to “bare metal” class 2.5 and then painted with a 2-part epoxy primer to 50 μm DFT and high build 2 pack finish coat minimum 150 μm to a final total minimum DFT of 200μm, providing exceptional corrosion protection.

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The AURY screens are built to last. That’s why today there are thousands of them running in the field from coal to hard rock mines, from aggregate to industrial mineral screening. For more information, please visit AURY’s website at

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