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DADI has a team dedicated to the commissioning and operation of coal preparation plants. Taking advantages of our strong capabilities in engineering, project delivery, equipment manufacturing, and operational experiences, DADI currently operates a fleet of more than 20 large scale coal preparation plants for our customers with a total annual processing capacity of more than 100 million tons of ROM coal.


Some of the plants we operate include:

  • Fengjiachuan CPP of Shanxi Shixin Railway Transportation and Sales Co., Ltd., 10.0 MPTA

  • Ningdong CPP Hongliu Branch of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, 16.0 MPTA

  • Hami CPP of SDIC Hami Energy Development Co., Ltd., 12.0 MPTA

  • Longgu CPP of Xinwen Mining Group, 10.0 MPTA

  • Chahasu Coal Mine CPP of China Guodian Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd., 10.0 MPTA

  • Huangyuchuan Coal Mine CPP of Shenhua Yili Energy Co., Ltd., 10.0 MPTA

  • Gaotouyao CPP of Inner Mongolia Beiliandian Energy Development Co., Ltd., 10.0 MPTA

  • Liangshuijing CPP of Shaanxi Shenmu Huisen Liangshuijing Mining Co., Ltd., 8.0 MPTA

  • Yuanzigou CPP of Shaanxi Linbei Coal Industry Development Co., Ltd., 8.0 MPTA

  • Wangjialing CPP of Wangjialing Coal Industry Co., Ltd. of Shanxi Coal Transportation and Sales Group, 5.0 MPTA

  • Wangwa CPP of Ningxia Ningdian Logistics Co., Ltd., 3.0 MPTA

  • Puxian CPP of Puxian Energy Co., Ltd., Shanxi Coal Import and Export Group, 3.0 MPTA


Note: MTPA, Million Tons Per Annum. 

Whether a plant is built by DADI or not, whether it’s a new plant or a brownfield one, a met coal or steam coal plant, our experienced team knows how to run it efficiently and help the customer maximize their economic return. We are always committed to the long run – as a matter of fact, most of the plants we operate we have been there for years already. Choosing DADI, Choosing trust.

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