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Slurry pumps made by Zhang Gu, also known as John Good, are for heavy duty pumping applications in mineral and coal processing. Founded in 1968, Zhang Gu is a leading heavy duty industrial pump manufacturer whose products are widely used in the mining, metallurgical and chemical industries. The John Good pumps are exclusively represented by DADI companies in Australia, Africa, South and North Americas. Features of the John Good pump are:


High efficiency: The pump hydraulic profile is optimized through CFD simulation and our decades of experiences in pump design and applications. 

Excellent wear performance: Pump casings and wetted parts are lined with our proprietary Cr28 liner or reaction bonded silicon carbide to produce excellent wear and anti corrosion performance.

Leakage free: Leakage free is achieved by using patented mechanical seals, eliminating cooling water pipes that are usually required. 

• Smart pump monitoring technology: All the John Good pumps can be equipped with an optional cloud based smart pump monitoring system that collects, records and analyzes the pump operation data (temperature, vibration, etc.) in real time. 

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Punch Plates

TZJ series metal liner slurry pumps

The TZJ series slurry pump is a single stage cantilever pump. The TZJ pump is lined with our proprietary Cr28 metal liners and the shaft seal of TZJ pump is a combination of auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal, making the pump completely leakage free. The TZJ family offers multiple designs including horizontal split casing, horizontal single casing, vertical single casing, etc. Different types of impellers such as shrouded impeller, open impeller, semi-open impeller are available.


TD series ceramic slurry pumps

The TD ceramic pump is a new generation pump using ceramic liners made of reaction bonded silicon carbide on the wetted parts. The pump features excellent wear life, typically 3 to 10 times longer compared to that of the conventional metal liner pump. The TD pump is an ideal option for severe duty applications such as ore grinding, sand processing, etc. Main specs for the TD pump are: discharge size: 50 - 300 mm; impeller size: 330 - 700 mm; flow: 50 - 2000 m3/h; head: 10 - 100 m.

Seeing is believing. Here comes an example of a comparison study done at a gold processing facility. In this study, a TD ceramic lined impeller (left) was installed in a competitor’s pump by adapting to their frame. The picture on the right is competitor's impeller running for the same period of time.  You can see the wear difference of the two impellers.

Ceramic vs Regular Impellers.png

• Dense and abrasive slurry transportation in precious and base metal processing, for example, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, etc.; 
•  Industrial mineral processing plants.
•  Production of titanium dioxide, iron power, fertilizers.

•  Use of high hardness and high wear resistance liners.
• Optimized impeller design using advanced two phase flow simulation technology.
•  Self circulating cooling mechanical seals, no packing, no leakage and maintenance free.

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