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A Relocatable Modular TDS Dry Sorting System


There is an increasing demand for dry sorting in both coal preparation and mineral processing sectors, due to the decrease in run-of-mine (ROM) coal or raw ore quality and the scarcity of water resources. Our highly integrated modular TDS sorting system provides a promising solution to these challenges, from the beneficiation of ROM coal to preconcentration of low-grade ore.

Our modular TDS sorting system mainly consists of three modules: Feed module, Screening module and TDS sorting module. Auxiliary facilities, including conveyors, a compressed air station and a Conex style MCC room will be also supplied with the modular TDS system package. The core component of the system is the TDS sorter, which is a new generation of cost-effective X-ray sensor-based dry sorter. For more information on the TDS dry sorter, please visit here.

Modular TDS.jpg

A typical flowsheet:

Modular TDS 1.png

Raw materials are fed by a reclaim feeder and conveyed to the screening module in which the raw materials will be screened at 50 mm (or 25 mm) into two fractions: the 300-50 mm (or 100-25 mm) lump raw ore is delivered to the TDS sorting module while the -50 mm (or 25 mm) fine ore will be sent to the conveyor to the bypass stockpile. The 300-50 mm (or 100-25 mm) lump fraction is fed to the TDS sorter through a vibrating feeder which can evenly distribute the lump materials on the conveyor belt. After separation, the TDS clean product is conveyed to the stockpile and can be re-mixed with -50 mm (or -25 mm) bypass materials based on the required specifications. The TDS rejects are directly sent to the rejects stockpile. A compressed air station near the dry sorting module can supply the required compressed air to the TDS sorter.

Key features:

  • No water or chemical reagents are required

  • High efficiency, misplacement rate < 3%

  • Large system capacity, 500 t/h ROM feed (assuming 30% of 300-50mm in feed)

  • Compact design, quick installation & easy relocation

  • Highly automated system & self-diagnosis

  • Low operational cost & low maintenance

Typical applications:

Generally, there are two scenarios for the implementation of the modular TDS sorting system: (i) preconcentrating a low-grade ore (either on the surface or underground) and (ii) producing a final product. For users aiming to upgrade the ore quality by using the dry sorting system, the ideal installation location usually shall be near the mining working face in order to remove impurities at a possible earliest stage. On the other hand, we need to balance the transfer distances between the mining working face, the modular TDS plant and the product stockpile/TLO (Train Load-Out) when the modular TDS sorting system is used to produce a final product. Please note for an underground application, the system is site specific subject to the applicable regulations & codes.

Modular TDS 2.png

Key benefits of the modular TDS sorting system:

  • Completely dry sorting system – no need for water usage approval & water management plan

  • In-pit destoning – reducing haulage cost & enabling more aggressive mining plan

  • De-stoning before processing - less wear and prolonged lifespan for downstream equipment & improving downstream processing efficiency

  • Flexible business models available – direct purchase, BOO, BOOT or RPO

A mobile version of the modular TDS dry sorting system:

This mobile TDS dry sorting system consists of the same number of modules as the relocatable modular version. However, except the screen unit, other modules are placed on flatbed trailers, which allows a fast relocation of the whole system. Compared with the relocatable modular version, our mobile TDS dry sorting system requires minimal site preparation and installation.

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