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DADI Engineering Development Group ("DADI") was founded in 1995 as a Sino-Australia joint venture offering coal geological consulting services. DADI became a private enterprise in 2002, embarking on an epic journey of rapid growth. Since then, DADI’s business has been expanded from geological consulting to EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) turnkey projects, mine design and development, processing equipment manufacturing, coal preparation plant contract operation, mine electrical and automation systems, smart mining and processing technologies, and waste heat recovery solutions. 

As a vertically integrated engineering group, DADI has been constantly ranked No. 1 among all the engineering firms serving the coal industry in China since 2007. The company has designed and built hundreds of large-scale coal mines and materials handling projects. DADI is the top brand in China’s coal industry, especially in the CHPP (Coal Handling and Preparation Plant) sector. Adapting to changing market conditions and technologies, DADI has been diversifying itself while maintaining its competitive advantages of the core business.

Our Brands

Our Brands

DADI operates its businesses through several brands including DADI (engineering services & turnkey projects), AURY (vibrating screens & centrifuges), Detong (automation and smart plant solutions), WEIDE (consumables), Aurst (processing equipment & fabrication), Meiteng (smart processing technologies) and SMEET (waste heat recovery) and DNA (mining supplies, with JV partner NISS Global).

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Thanks to the hard work of its 3,000 strong team members, DADI Engineering has set its footprint in a number of countries and regions including Australia, United States, South Africa, Mozambique, Mongolia, Russia, etc. DADI has completed projects in most of the major mining regions in the world. Some of our products, for example, Aury vibrating screens and dewatering centrifuges, are widely recognized in Australia; the TDS smart dry sorters have attracted a considerable international interest.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

DADI Engineering has secured long term supply/service contracts with major international mining companies and is rapidly expanding its global footprint. Through its international business headquarters in Australia, DADI Engineering has set up several subsidiaries / joint ventures in Australia, USA, South Africa, and Mozambique to reach out and serve a growing customer base.

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