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DADI offers comprehensive engineering services in coal handling & preparation plant (CHPP) engineering, mine design (both underground and open-pit mining), coal upgrading and geotechnical consulting. The DADI team utilizes the state-of-art tools such as 3D modeling, BIM systems, FEA analysis, project management systems, etc. in our work to help deliver tailored engineering solutions for our customers. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by developing and implementing the SmartMine™ solutions which are attracting growing interest from the industry.

Coal Handling and Preparation Plants

Our CHPP engineering team, consisting of some of the best engineers in process, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical & automation, etc., is the largest in the industry. Over the years, we have designed and engineered more than 200 large scale CHPP facilities. Some of the largest CHPP facility in the world, such as Burt CPP (31 MTPA), Daliuta CPP (22 MTPA) were designed by DADI, the leading brand in coal prep.


Open Pit & Underground Mines

DADI’s mine design team has extensive experiences in both open-pit and underground mine design and engineering. We specialize in long wall including top-coal-caving, small coal pillar mining, and rock burst control under complex geological conditions. Some of the large-scale mines designed by DADI include: Changtan open pit mine (20Mt/a), Zhundong No. 4 open pit coal mine (20Mt/a) and Dananhu No. 2 open pit mine at 10Mt/a, Selian No. 2 Mine (10 Mt/a, UG), Erlintu No. 1 Mine (10 Mt/a, UG), and Sanjiao No. 1 Mine (6.0 Mt/a, UG), etc. We also have done projects in a number of countries including Mongolia, Pakistan, Australia, Congo (DRC), Russia, Laos, Madagascar, etc.

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Coal Upgrading

DADI has developed & owns proprietary technologies in coal-water-slurry fuel preparation, lignite upgrading, and semi-coke production. A number of commercial projects using our technologies have been developed.


Geotechnical Engineering

DADI geotechnical engineering team focus on engineering investigation, geotechnical treatment and engineering survey. Our geotechnical engineers often work jointly with our mine design team on mine site survey, slope control, foundation preparation, etc.

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