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Pipes: Ceramic lined wear resistant pipes, UHMW-PE pipes, ceramic bead coated pipes, polyurethane lined pipes. Visit for more production information.

As a vertically integrated engineering firm, DADI also offers a wide range of processing equipment and parts including the TDS® X-ray dry sorter, vibrating screens and centrifuges (both under the AURY® brand name), online slurry ash content analyzers, coarse fines separators, motor control centers (MCCs), valves and pipes, steel structures, etc.  DADI currently operates manufacturing / assembly / warehouse facilities in China, Australia, Africa. The 3,000 strong DADI team members are committed to offering the best products to customers around the world.


TDS® X-Ray Dry Sorters

TDS is the latest generation of cost-effective X-ray sensor-based dry sorter. It has become a game-changer technology that is revolutionizing the mineral and coal processing industry. There have been over 100 installations within 3 years since product launch and it has a wide range of applications from processing all types of coals to non-coal materials, from surface mines to underground mines, from fixed installations to mobile systems.

AURY® Vibrating Screens

AURY is the flagship manufacturing organization of DADI Engineering and Development Group. With over 400 sets of large-scale vibrating screen being shipped to the customer every year, AURY has become a major vibrating screen provider to the mining industry in the world. We offer a full line of vibrating screens including linear, banana, circular motion, high frequency, flip flow screens, etc.


AURY® Dewatering Centrifuges

DADI, through it AURY brand, is also a leading provider of dewatering centrifuges for coal and mineral processing applications. The AURY WSL and ML series horizontal centrifuges, for coarse and fine coal particles dewatering, respectively are designed by applying finite element analysis and our extensive knowledge in building vibrating equipment. 

Online Slurry Ash Analyzers

The DSA analyzer utilizes X-ray fluorescence technology along with our robust computational models to measure the ash content of flotation concentrate at a high accuracy and in a timely manner. The DSA automatically samples the flotation concentrate from the flotation column or cell, and the sampled slurry is thickened and analyzed within the highly integrated machine. Operation of the DSA analyzer can be done via the on-device touch screen and/or remotely from the control center & mobile devices.


Coarse Fines Separators

Our coarse fine separator (TCS) is the latest innovative separator for the beneficiation of coarse coal slime in the 2-0.15 mm size range.

More DADI Products

Over the years, DADI has been building up our capacity as a “one-stop-shop” to our customers by offering a wide range of processing equipment and consumables, heavy duty pipes and valves and mine electrical and automation systems.

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