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Go Big or Go Bigger: AURY Debuts Largest Banana Screens

Sydney, Australia -26 January, 2021- Two largest double deck banana screens built by AURY are now in service in a coal prep plant in northern China. These screens, with AURY Model Number of ABD4885, have two multi-slope decks of 4.8 m wide and 8.5 m long (or 16 ft×28ft) each. The overall dimensions of the ABD4885 screen are 9,438 × 5,862 × 5,410 mm (or approximately 31×19x18 ft, L×W×H) with a gross weight of 58 metric tons, making it the largest double deck banana screen made by AURY by far. The ABD4885 screen is equipped with three AURY ZDA09A mechanical exciters powered by a 90 kW / 120 hp motor drive. Each ZDA09A exciter can produce a vibrating force up to 600 kN.

AURY is DADI’s flagship manufacturing organization. With over 400 sets of large-scale vibrating screens being shipped to customers every year, AURY has become a major provider of vibrating screen to the mining industry in the world. We offer a full line of vibrating screens including linear, banana, circular motion, high frequency, flip flow screens, etc. For more information on the AURY screen, please click here.

About DADI Engineering

DADI Engineering is a leading vertically integrated EPCM firm serving the mining and mineral processing industries. DADI’s business includes mine survey & development, coal processing EPCM projects, processing equipment manufacturing, green mining solutions, mine waste heat recovery & smart mining and mineral processing technologies. DADI has operations in Australia, China, Africa and the United States, and we work with some of the largest mining companies in the world such as Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Shenhua Energy, Peabody Energy, Vale, Yancoal, etc. For more information about DADI, please visit


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