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First 3 NTE360A Trucks in Full-Time Operation at MTW

Rutherford, Australia - 09 May, 2022 At 6 am on 27 April 2022, the first 3 units of NTE360A trucks were despatching the assembly site for MTW Coal Mine, benchmarking the start of 24/7 full-time operation of NHL mine trucks in the mine, as well as in Australia. NTE360A is the largest mine truck model designed, manufactured and supplied by Inner Mongolia North Hauler Joint Stock Co. Ltd. (NHL). NHL supplied 15 NTE360A trucks in total to MTW, and as NHL’s local partner in Australia, DADI/Aury is contracted to undertake the service of the trucks, including assembly, NCR campaigning and modification, commissioning and maintenance service. The benchmark of 24/7 operation indicates that the trucks have met all the strict requirements of Australian standards and the mine’s standards, which gives more confidence to the potential clients in the Australian mining industry on NHL mine trucks.

DADI (Australia) Engineering Co Pty Ltd, together with its subsidiary Aury Australia Pty Ltd, has built up a strong and professional team in 2021 to carry out the service. Like any equipment first entering the Australian market, NHL trucks have been found out many non-conforming items (NCR) during the commissioning, and the team successfully campaigned and modified each of them with the support from NHL engineers. Apart from the challenge of NCR, the team has experienced the adverse impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the disrupted supply of parts, delays from other subcontractors, lack of labour and wet weather in the Hunter region, etc. However, the team has overcome all the challenges and difficulties, and successfully completed the assembly, ISO brake test, MDG15&41 modification, and commissioning, all the way to the readiness of the trucks for full-time operation.

DADI/Aury team is working on the remaining 12 trucks to bring them into full-time operation, and the completion is expected in June. In the meantime, a warranty service team has been extracted from the assembly team to enter the 24/7 roster to maintain the availability of the operating NHL trucks.

We anticipate more and more NHL trucks to be running in Australian mines.

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