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“Pumped Up”: DADI Adds Slurry Pumps to Product Line

Sydney, Australia - 24 July, 2021 DADI has added heavy duty slurry pumps to its growing product line. The pumps are manufactured by our partner Zhang Gu (also known as "John Good"), a leading industrial pump and blower producer that has been in business since 1968. The John Good pump products will be exclusively distributed and serviced in the areas we operate via DADI's subsidiaries and business partners.

The John Good product family is designed to handle heavy duty pumping applications such as coal preparation and mineral processing. John Good pumps can be used for both gravel and slurry pumping, available from 5 - 3,740 m3/h (22 - 16,500 gpm) with head ranging from 9-147 meters (27 -441 ft) for the TZJ series metal liner pumps, and 50 - 2,000 m3/h (220 - 8,800 gpm) with head from 10 to 100 meters (30 to 300 ft) for the TD series ceramic lined pumps.

Main features of the John Good pump include:

  • High efficiency: The pump hydraulic profile is optimized through CFD simulation and our decades of experiences in pump design and applications.

  • Excellent wear performance: Pump casings and wetted parts are lined with our proprietary Cr28 materials made by our Japanese partner or reaction bonded silicon carbide to produce excellent wear and anti corrosion performance.

  • Leakage free: Leakage free is achieved by using patented integrated expeller and mechanical seals and state of the art manufacturing process.

  • Smart pump monitoring technology: All the John Good pumps can be equipped with an optional Internet based smart pump monitoring system that collects, records and analyzes the pump operation data in real time.

“Over the years, DADI in its projects has used thousands of pumps made by Zhang Gu who has an excellent track record in the heavy duty mining pump business,” said Mr. Aaron Yuan, Managing Director of DADI Australia. “We look forward to introducing the John Good pumps to our customers in the global mining industry.”

About DADI DADI Engineering is a leading vertically integrated EPCM firm serving the mining and mineral processing industries. DADI’s business includes mine survey & development, coal processing EPCM projects, processing equipment manufacturing, green mining solutions, mine waste heat recovery & smart mining and mineral processing technologies. DADI has operations in Australia, China, Africa and the United States, and we work with some of the largest mining companies in the world such as Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Shenhua Energy, Peabody Energy, Vale, Yancoal, etc. For more information about DADI, please visit

About Zhang Gu

Zhang Gu, founded in 1968 in Shandong, China, is a leading producer of industrial pumps and blowers. Zhang Gu's pump products are widely used in the coal preparation, mineral processing, metallurgical and chemical industries. The company is ISO certified and has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2011 (002598.SZ).



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