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Coal Bulk Storage Project Wins Prestigious Awards

Beijing, China - 14 April, 2021- A state of the art coal bulk storage facility engineered by DADI has recently been awarded the 2019-2020 Coal Industry High Quality Project Award and the “Sun Cup” Engineering Award by the China Coal Construction Association.

This facility is located at the Jiangjun Gobi No. 2 Surface Mine near Changji, Xinjiang, China. As part of Phase One of a major development project, it consists of 3 storage domes with a diameter of 130 m (426 ft) each, covering a total area of about 9 football fields. At 70 m (239 ft) high, each dome can store up to 80,000 metric tons of coal.

Engineering and executing such a massive project in the remote Gobi Desert was not an easy job. A dedicated project team was put together by DADI in 2018, and thanks to the hard work and collaboration of DADI, the project owner and our partners, the project was completed on schedule and within budget.

Creating Values For Customers Through Engineering Excellence and Innovation has always been our commitment,” says Mr. Zhou Shaolei, President of DADI Engineering and Development Group, “We thank the customers for their trust in us and will strive to deliver outstanding outcomes to our customers around the world.”

About DADI Engineering

DADI Engineering is a leading vertically integrated EPCM firm serving the mining and mineral processing industries. DADI’s business includes mine survey & development, coal processing EPCM projects, processing equipment manufacturing, green mining solutions, mine waste heat recovery & smart mining and mineral processing technologies. DADI has operations in Australia, China, Africa and the United States, and we work with some of the largest mining companies in the world such as Anglo American, BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, Shenhua Energy, Peabody Energy, Vale, Yancoal, etc. For more information about DADI, please visit



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