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AURY Unveils Online Screen Monitoring Solution

Sydney, Australia - 26 March, 2021- Vibrating screens are critical equipment to modern material handlings operations in which unscheduled downtime often has significant consequences. Mining screens are constantly under heavy load demands and work under harsh environments that can bring aggressive wear and tear to the equipment. It is therefore important to be able to effectively monitor the screen condition and detect potential component failures before they occur. As part of an ongoing effort to offering a complete package of SmartPlant solutions, AURY, a DADI subsidiary and flagship mining screen manufacturer, has unveiled an online screen monitoring solution, the AURY Vibrating Screen Sentinel (AVSS).

Developed by AURY, AVSS is a powerful tool for vibrating screen condition monitoring. AVSS consists of accelerometers, temperature probes, an RMP sensor, a communication module and software. The functions of each component are as follows:

- Accelerometers: mounted on top of the exciter and side plates, respectively, the accelerometers collect vibration data such as amplitude and frequency and transmit the data to the software for analysis.

- Temperature probe: inserted into the exciter chamber, the temperature probe measures the operating temperature of the exciter and instantly detects irregular temperature spike, a typical symptom of exciter failure.

- RPM sensor: installed near the drive shaft to measure the drive speed.

- Communication module: the communication module collects and transmits sensor data to the software via either ethernet or wireless network.

- Software: the software conducts real-time analysis on the data and alerts the operator once an irregularity is detected. Historical data are also trended and stored in the database. The software can be accessed and operated either on PC or mobile devices. A key feature of the AVSS software is the use of a technology called acceleration enveloping for vibration analysis. Common problems such as potential bearing failure, gear meshing, unbalanced loading, overload, and even contaminated lubricant can be detected through acceleration enveloping which in many ways is superior to other competing methods. The software also tracks the equipment maintenance records and automatically notifies the operator for upcoming maintenance recommendations.

Key benefits of the AVSS system include

- Eliminate unscheduled downtime

- Improve preventative maintenance

- Minimize scheduled shutdowns by better part replacement preparation

- Lower maintenance cost and increase operational efficiency

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